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3 Reasons Why What You Wear In The Gym Really Matters

3 Reasons Why What You Wear In The Gym Really Matters

When it comes to clothes to workout, do you prioritize fashion or comfort? We may splurge on pair of compression leggings designed to wick sweat and aid recovery, but on top we are wearing an old, oversized cotton t-shirt. So, does it really matter what you wear in the gym? Well, research say it does, revealing a direct correlation between what we wear and how we perform, as well as our motivation level.


Workout clothing is designed for a specific purpose. Whether it’s wicking away sweat more effectively, keeping you warm or cool during exercise or simple being more breathable. You should opt for light, breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics which will draw moisture away from the body, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.


Besides functionality, activewear supports you during your workout. A great example of providing support is compression clothing. Investing in the best type of compression wear can help protect your muscles from inflammation, injuries and provide support during recovery exercises. Sport bras are the best example. Since they are sturdier than other bras, they help to minimize movement and any discomfort that might arise during a workout.


Creating habits such as exercising daily can be difficult. You need to find something to motivate you and workout clothes could be the answer! Not only will you feel good, but you’ll look good, and that’s something you want when surrounded by mirrors in the gym. The simple act of putting on your favourite sport bra or yoga legging could trigger a cue in your brain. This cue can signal the rest of your body that ‘hey, I have my workout clothes on, it’s time for a workout!’

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