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What’s The Differences Between Low, Medium And High Impact Sports Bra

What’s The Differences Between Low, Medium And High Impact Sports Bra

When it comes to sport bra, there’s no such thing as one style fits all. You need to choose a sport bra that will control the bounce factor. There are three types of sports bra: low-impact, medium-impact and high-impact, and each offers a different kind of construction and set of features that are designed to meet the needs of specific kinds of physical activity.

Low Impact Sport Bra

Some examples of low-impact exercise include Yoga, Pilates and Strength Training. Basically, a low-impact sport bra is meant for activities during which your feet aren’t pounding the ground whatsoever, and therefore don’t cause a lot of bouncing. That’s mean the bra is certainly designed with comfort in mind, it may provide less support than others styles. A low-impact sport bra is typically lightweight, with super soft stretchy fabric and slightly narrower shoulder straps. It’s also great option for the gal-on-the-go who likes wearing a sport bra while running errands or doing housework.

Medium Impact Sport Bra

A medium-impact sport bra is tailored to activities that are slightly more intense, such as Spinning/ Cycling, Power Walking and Zumba. Medium-impact sport bra will restrict movement more effectively than low-impact bras.

High Impact Sport Bra

This kind of sport bra is definitely a necessity for workouts that entail a high level of impact on the floor or ground such as Running, Boot Camps, Aerobics and Jump Training. A high-impact sport bra will likely contain padded cups and wider shoulder straps. The cups are typically defined, thus surrounding and supporting each individual breast. The fabric will feel firmer, the overall bra will feel heavier than low-impact sport bra. There may be boning in the sides, and the neckline may come up higher to offer additional coverage.

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